Graduation Day Tips

Book your photos online prior to the day

Graduation Photography

Booking online keeps things quick and simple on the day. You don’t have to wait in line to register and will also receive a free USB of your proof images to take home on the day. To pre-book online, please click here.

Be early

Aim to arrive as soon as gowning opens, even if your family can’t join you at that time. That way you have plenty of time to park, find the building or area of the campus where the graduation is taking place, and collect your gown.

Have your photos taken BEFORE the ceremony

Many people think they have to wait until their whole family has arrived or until they have their testamur before they can get their photos taken. Not the case! We have imitation testamurs supplied by the university for use before your ceremony. Here is what we suggest:

1. Collect your gown

2. Visit our customer service desk and book your photos

Graduation Photography

3. Purchase flowers/graduation teddy bears for inclusion in your photos (note: these services are not supplied at every institution)

4. Have your photos taken. If your family isn’t coming until later, you can have your individual photos taken before the ceremony, then come back afterwards for as many photos as you like with your family and friends at no extra charge.

5. Find your seat at the ceremony early- generally you need to be seated at least 30 minutes before the ceremony start time, depending on your institution.

6. After the ceremony, enjoy the refreshments, browse other services such as framing and find our roaming Southam Studios Facebook Photographer to have your photo taken for inclusion on your University’s Alumni Facebook page. (note: this service is not available at every institution)

7. Return your gown and relax!

Dress for a formal occasion

Graduation Photography

For women:

  • We suggest neat corporate-style attire, such as a skirt and collared shirt or dress.
  • Some graduates choose to coordinate their clothing or accessories to the colour of their hood, which looks great in photos.
  • High heels look beautiful but can get uncomfortable after many hours on your feet. Consider wearing low-heeled or flat shoes, and swap them for higher heels for the photographs.
  • Remember that your hair may be under a trencher so style it accordingly. It helps if you put a mirror and comb in your bag so you can check your hair and makeup before you have your photos taken.

For men:

  • We suggest a jacket, a tie, collared shirt, slacks and polished shoes.

For family members:

  • Make sure you tell your family you are planning to have photos taken together so they can dress accordingly.
  • Coordinated colours or accessories always look fantastic in portraits.
  • Make sure Dad wears a suit, tie and polished shoes
  • Suggest to Mum that she dresses as if she were attending a wedding
  • Inform your family that their footwear will be visible in the photos so they can dress accordingly.
  • If you have traditional or culturally significant clothing or accessories you are welcome to wear it for your photographs.


Your graduation is the culmination of years of hard work, commitment and sacrifice. Make sure you relax and enjoy the day surrounded by your family, friends and fellow graduates.